The corporate culture and strategy of Honhai were recently updated

The new corporate culture and strategy of Honhai technology LTD were published, adding the latest vision and mission of the company.

Because the global business environment is ever-changing, the company culture and strategies of Honhai are always adjusted over time to deal with unfamiliar business challenges, accommodate new market conditions, and protect different clients’ interests. In recent years, Honhai has been in a mature stage of development in foreign markets. Thus, to maintain the momentum going and seek further achievements, the injection of new internal ideas into the company is essential, which was the reason why Honhai further clarified the company’s vision and missions, and on this basis, updated the corporate culture and strategies.

The new strategy of Honhai was finally confirmed as “Created in China”, focusing on the sustainable use of products, which practically presented as transforming the corporate culture, however, paid more attention to the management of sustainable development business and corporate environmental protection, which not only responded to the development trend of society but also highlighted the sense of social responsibility of the company. Under the new version of the corporate culture, new understanding and missions were researched.

In detail, the latest vision of Honhai is to be a trusted and energetic company leading the transformation toward a sustainable value chain, which emphasizes Honhai’s aim of seeking balanced development in overseas markets. And the following missions are, firstly, to fulfill all commitments and continue to create maximum value for customers. Secondly, to source environmentally friendly and green products and change the perception of “made in China” into “created in China”. Finally, to integrate the business operations with sustainable practices and strive toward a brighter future for nature and humanity. The missions, according to Honhai, cover three dimensions: Honhai, Honhai’s clients, and the society, specifying the practical course of action in each size.

Under the leadership of the new corporate culture and strategy, Honhai paid great effort into realizing the goal of sustainable development of companies and actively participated in global environmental protection activities.

Post time: Jul-11-2022