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What is the ordering process?

After you confirm our quotation and the specific quantity, our company will send an invoice to you for reconfirmation. Once you approve the invoice, make the payment, and send the bank receipt to our company, we will start the product preparation. After the payment has been received, we will arrange delivery.

Payment methods such as TT, Western Union, and PAYPAL (PAYPAL has a 5% handling fee, which PAYPAL, not our company, charges) are accepted. Generally, TT is recommended, but for small amounts, we prefer Western Union or PAYPAL.

For shipping, we usually deliver by express, such as DHL, FEDEX, etc., to your doorstep. However, if the parcel is shipped by air or sea, you may need to pick it up at the airport or port.

What kinds of products are on sale?

Our most popular products include toner cartridge, OPC drum, fuser film sleeve, wax bar, upper fuser roller, lower pressure roller, drum cleaning blade, transfer blade, chip, fuser unit, drum unit, development unit, primary charge roller, ink cartridge, develop powder, toner powder, pickup roller, separation roller, gear, bushing, developing roller, supply roller, mag roller, transfer roller, heating element, transfer belt, formatter board, power supply, printer head, thermistor, cleaning roller, etc.

Please browse the product section on the website for detailed information.

How long has your company been in this industry?

Our company was established in 2007 and has been active in the industry for 15 years.

We own abundant experiences in consumable purchases and advanced factories for consumable productions.

What are the prices of your products?

Please contact us for the latest prices because they are changing with the market.

Is there any possible discount?

Yes. For large amount orders, a specific discount can be applied.

How to place an order?

Please send the order to us by leaving messages on the website, emailing, WhatsApp +86 139 2313 8310, or calling +86 757 86771309.

The reply will be conveyed immediately.

Is there any minimum order quantity?

Yes. We mainly focus on orders amount large and medium. But sample orders to open our cooperation are welcomed.

We recommend you contact our sales about reselling in small amounts.

Is there a supply of supporting documentation?

Yes. We can supply most documentation, including but not limited to MSDS, Insurance, Origin, etc.

Please feel free to contact us for those you want.

How long will be the average lead time?

Approximately 1-3 weekdays for samples; 10-30 days for mass products.

Friendly reminder: the lead times will be effective only when we receive your deposit AND your final approval for your products. Please review your payments and requirements with our sales if our lead times do not correspond to yours. We will try our best to accommodate your needs in all cases.

What kinds of payment methods are accepted?

Usually T/T, Western Union, and PayPal.

Are your products under warranty?

Yes. All our products are under warranty.

Our materials and artistry are also promised, which is our responsibility and culture.

Are the safety and security of product delivery under guarantee?

Yes. We try our best to guarantee safe and secure transport by using high-quality imported packaging, conducting rigorous quality checks, and adopting trusted express courier companies.But some damages may still occur in transportations. If it is due to defects in our QC system, a 1:1 replacement will be supplied.

Friendly reminder: for your good, please check the condition of the cartons, and open the defective ones for inspection when you receive our package because only in that way could any possible damage be compensated by the express courier companies.

How much will the shipping cost be?

The shipping cost depends on compound elements including the products you purchase, the distance, the shipping method you choose, etc.

Please feel free to contact us for further information because only if we know the above details can we calculate the shipping costs for you. For  instance, express is usually the best way for urgent needs while sea freight is a proper solution for significant amounts.

What is your service time?

Our working hours are 1 am to 3 pm GMT Monday to Friday, and 1 am to 9 am GMT on Saturdays.